Vehicles – an exciting car games for kids, play right now

Vehicles – an exciting car games for kids, play right now
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Vehicles are one of the exciting car games for kids. A great car racing game for kids with a great collection of cars! Your baby loves car games and he wants to drive himself on the track. This is a great app for you with the racing game car.

Vehicles – an exciting car games for kids

Car racing games for kids is an educational and entertaining game. It is a colorful, nice and fun game for kids of all ages! Play with the car’s game!
Baby can choose a lot of different levels and variety of vehicles to play. This will make your baby busy

car games for kids

Car racing games for kids with different levels for your child to choice

How will you play?

Easy to learn and control with the steps:

  • Choose your car: sports car, SUV or monster truck!
  • Choose game modes: arcade or endless!
  • Touch the accelerator pedal to move your car
  • Try to reach the maximum speed, pick up the turbo! Increase the speed of your car!
  • Collect all the diamonds and coins to unlock all the cars!
  • Make a jump on the ramp and dodge all vehicles!
  • But be careful not to overturn the car or you will lose the game
  • Drive the cars to the destination in the shortest time possible. When the level of the game is complete the arrows will move to the next level
car games for kids

Vehicles – car games for kids very exciting

The car games for kids online compatible with all devices, including tablets like the Kindle and Samsung! This is a simple and intuitive game, your baby will have a lot of fun for hours!

This educational game will help your baby to improve reflexes, logical skills and cognition, concentration and motor skills.


High-quality games for toddlers and preschoolers aged 0-12 years with a great car!

Car games for kids

Car games for kids – suitable for many ages

– Easy to use and control

– Play for children of all ages, infants, preschool children, children, and adolescents in advance, designed for boys and girls.

– Simple to use for toddlers and infants with increasing difficulty
– Children will develop their motor skills
– Play with your child or let him play alone
– Use it to keep your baby or child occupied
– A lot of car in this fun racing game for kids

This is a free car games for kids version. If you like you like this app, you can buy the full version with more than, multiple and no advertisements. Let your child play, admire all the vehicles and be able to hear the realistic sound effects!

Play more game:

The vehicles – car games for kids is a fun game. It that also helps your kid to improve his abilities with the toy cars. Not only your child will train for concentration, but it will also increase the ability to reflect well. They will train his independence and perseverance to overcome the challenges the game brings. Let your kids have great moments of racing games.

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Vehicles – an exciting car games for kids, play right now
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