Detailed introduction to the game SUBNAUTICA

Detailed introduction to the game SUBNAUTICA
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with a seductive hole pattern coming to my main Subnautica base. This is one of the most manageable underwater cave systems in the game since it is not too deep and consists of concentric circles that only possess one topographic axis. The eye-catching arrangement for a factory is called the cradle of the rouge and has matured for a couple of screenshots. But this colorful, simple atmosphere can hurt or kill me a convenient trick.

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This part of Subnautica’s ocean-going salvage has Drooping Stingers – jellyfish-like jellyfish scattered across the street. With at least one Sand Shark. I own the ability to recognize it thrown onto the cloud as it burrows along the bottom of the sea below.

The mushroom that I bring can be harvested safely enough (and consumed to make the battery plus copper ore) but if I hit them with my survival knife, it would release dangerous chemicals. I also discovered a Scorpion Scorpio that would nipple my health bar for the opportunity.

It also has the ability to die in the normal way of playing it. I can exhaust food or water. I also can, if I have the background under water, exhausted if I was fascinated by caves and strange creatures. The second line is the most frequent cause of death for my small divers. I just like to study about Subnautica’s world in oversight too!

Go deep

The basic premise of Subnautica is that you have landed on an alien planet. You can see the burning hull of your ship, the Aurora, from your lifepod. You do not have the idea that you are the only survivor, and you do not have the idea of ​​what lurks outside the shallow. The first trading process is basic survival, so you start off with your underwater potter, looking for resources to get into the builder and start creating food, water and tools. need weak.

You will break the cauldron of sandstone and limestone to buy Titanium, silver, lead and more popular. 1 Round fish is very useful for filtering water, while others can feed. There are huge coral reefs to collect the long-nose obedient creatures and light spots, and the bright mushroom forces that you use to produce batteries.

Once you’ve mastered key nodes and crafted a small kit, you’ll find yourself in deeper waters, venture further and live longer. Subnautica manufacturers increase your confidence with beautiful biomes, tempting you to bring new resources and new creatures.

Perhaps you will discover the wonderful early woods, glittering in their splendor for some time before seeing the accompanying eel / crocodile creatures. They’re Stalkers. They may strive to have a bite out of you, but they like to play with the metal of the shipwreck.

When you search around you, you will start to find (or be fed through radio) the hints that suggest a story beyond your exploits. Makes you choose to pursue written narratives against anything you like to do under the sea that is left with you, though. Some game modes allow you to practice choice that is more obvious. In spite of this, the creative mode will release the survival and the story, just for you to nurture and explore. Hardcore gives you just one life and no oxygen warning is so much more for role-play.

I spent about 70 hours in Subnautica a couple of years ago, before the real story was practiced. I split the time loosely between building an underwater base and exploring the globe, so that the survey rounds back to the habitat by taking trips to gather resources or get seeds from the real world. local items to meet a small water garden.

I know that discovering the bottom of the sea is not a cup of tea, so you need to weigh your comfort level with my suggestions for the game.

One colleague found jellyfish to be suspicious and annoying and therefore did not notice the people being told by the Drooping Stingers. Your ex-colleague with a fear of crabs and may be struggling to own Cave Crawlers. A friend of mine saw the idea of ​​an underwater fight so I never suggested this possession to him, and another real person freaked out by the idea of ​​giants hidden in the water. Deep sea will hate some of the areas.

Detailed introduction to the game SUBNAUTICA
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