Nitro Typing Racer – cool typing racing games to for you to relax

Nitro Typing Racer – cool typing racing games to for you to relax
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Typing racing games is a fun game for those who want to improve their typing and typing skills. Visit our website, for the best experience. This game will not disappoint you.

Nitro Typing Racer – cool typing racing games to for you to relax

The typing race car game is a typing game dedicated to flick input. Accelerate quickly and accurately by stroking! Pull out the other car and aim for movie number 1. Just play once in a short time, the experience will be improved. If you type even faster you can have a quick race. If you are a typist, try these free typing racing games unblocked. The speed of the car depends on the speed of your typing. Train your skills to make the car go faster. Why do not you compete with people from all over the country?

typing racing games

This is one of the new cool typing racing games to play online free

Not only is the speed of the input fast, but also the way to enter the correct point to win the race in the typing game online race, Let’s look at the optimal input form for you, such as how to hold the smartphone and finger to enter. Take aim at the world’s best typing race. Installed ranking function! You can compete with the world leader. The target for flick No.1 with typing racing games!


  • Control in the car
  • Forward and reverse
  • Different spray painters and free garage
  • The actual car with other maps
  • Easy and practical driving experience in the type racer game free download
  • Sound effects are realistic
  • Free driving mode and drift mode
  • Advanced drift physics
  • Real engine sound
typing racing games

Choose the right level and start playing now

Let’s take a road trip! The typing racing games car simulator drive the streets teach you to quickly keyboard! You can choose the difficulty of the game by choosing the keyboard to play. The default key is just the key between. Press the joystick to move left / right or press the gas pedal to increase speed. Space is the brake. Your profile is what? Note that you can hold the joystick to scroll more than 1 line.

Online free typing race car games are used by both kids and adults to improve their typing speed. Text input is an important part of using the most used computer as a tool in their profession. These typing racing games encourage kids to type with two fingers. Not only will you relax, but also improve your typing skills.

typing racing games

The typing racing games are especially suitable for children, helping them to practice the necessary skills

There are a few items to complete before starting the typing racing games. At the start of the game, you can get a sum of money. When the race completed, you can earn more money. Earned money you can use to upgrade or buy new cars. There is a score table outlines the number of credits gained, the remaining distance in meters before completing a round, the time remaining in the round and the typed words per minute are the key to play the game.

Are you ready to play these exciting typing racing games right? Play and enjoy the fun right now. Hope you enjoy it.

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Nitro Typing Racer – cool typing racing games to for you to relax
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