Howdy Farm

2/12/2017 64 Lượt chơi

Howdy Farm is a great choice for all people in free time and want to get something relaxed. This is a cool match-3 game with farm vegetables. In this game, a young guy who lives on a farm and he planted a lot of crops. Now it is time to harvest. Your mission in this game is to help him do it. Many types of colorful vegetables on the farm is waiting for you such as corn, broccoli or even pumpkins. To do that, players need to drag and drop the vegetables to the farm field and combine three same vegetables at least to meld them into something new. It sounds simple but if you don’t have smart particular strategy and skill, you won’t record high score in Howdy farm. However, the game also give you some supporting items. Let use it cleverly and level up your achievement. This game is worthy giving it a try and playing immediately. Surely that you will have usefull relaxing time and great experiences. Have fun!

Game features:

  • The game comes with beautiful colorful interface and design.
  • Play for free on all devices as iPads, iPhones, Windows Phones and Android devices and desktop browsers.
  • Simple to play but hard to get high score. This is a challenge for players.
  • One nice point to recommend here is that you can invite your friends and make a competition with this game.

How to play game Howdy farm:

  • Use the mouse or touch the screen if you play on smartphone to control the game.
  • Drag and drop the vegetables to the farm and try to combine three or more same vegetables, then they will disappear and give player a new vegetable.
  • Besides, players can use a shovel to remove unwanted vegetable from the field and put other vegetables.
  • Try to get high score and set a new record in this interesting game.

Screenshots from Howdy farm game:

game Howdy farm

game Howdy farm

game Howdy farm

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