Mini Race Rush

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Mini Race Rush
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Mini cars racing is one of the most exciting car games for gamers of all ages. With simple gameplay, authentic images and vivid sound system, promises to bring a lot of unexpected and interesting experiences.

Mini cars racing, in this latest part, your mission is to destroy all vehicles and items available on the way. Explode all and win. By skill and experience gained in previous racing games and quick judgment and observation, successfully complete the assigned tasks in this good game. Mini cars racing is a popular game for everyone, considered one of the most popular games on the online game system. The reason that car mini players racing games is that this game brings trance moments in intense battles, moreover when participating in the game, it also makes fun of them with the car crash. Your task is to drive a car into other vehicles to gain items. Also you should experience more with: Street Race Fury , Car racing free games for kids

mini cars racing

Get into other cars and get items on the way.

How to play mini cars racing games:

  • If playing on the machine use the arrow keys to drive.
  • If you play on the phone, turn the screen and touch the screen to control.
  • You need to drive forward to crash into other vehicles to pick up items.
Mini cars racing games

Mini car racer game is that this game brings trance moments in intense battles

Features of Mini car racing game:

  • Nice interface, colorful, crisp dynamic screen.
  • Suitable for many ages.
  • Healthy game easy to play.
  • The game is on different mobile devices.
Mini race car game

Mini race car game is a fascinating and interesting game

If you need moments of entertainment, then Mini cars racing against the police is exactly what you are looking for! Click to join!

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Mini Race Rush
5 (100%) 1 vote

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