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Taxi pickup
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Taxi pickup create a link to select and delete all customers. You can not overlap the roads, so be sure to think of each vehicle before moving. Six moves across six cities and complete 30 levels. How to: Click or click and drag to create a taxi cab. The goal is to bring all passengers to the destination. Click on the car and drag it to draw a path. When you are happy with your connection, press the button on the player. We recently released a Taxi Pickup, a fun puzzle game. The goal is to receive the guests and put them in the right place. It is an excellent game to train your planning skills and make fun. Put it as a taxi driver. Your goal is to be a welcome guest and get to the finish line. Plan your tracks and the perfect route for travelers!

Game features taxi pickup :

  • Completely free and popular game taxi game for you racing games cars online .
  • Simple sound graphics unique new games taxi online.
  • Many screens and challenges with your taxi pickup game .
  • Save achievements with taxi customers game taxi online.

How to play game :

  • Open your screen up and get ready to play unique taxi games.
  • Drag the mouse to create a way for the taxi pickup to transport customers.
  • Press and release guests with the play button below your screen to continue.
  • A simple but quite strange game for you to become a professional driver.

Some screenshots from game:

taxi pickup

taxi pickup game

game taxi online

An interesting and unique game with car taxi pickup you will be transformed into a professional driver and you can refer to some of our other games.

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Taxi pickup
5 (100%) 1 vote

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