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Katana Ffruits
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Katana Ffruits is a new sliced game in which you have to cut out every fruit and avoid the bomb game fruit cutting. If you do not get a result, you will lose your life and hit one of the bombs that will end the game fruit immediately. If you want to challenge a high score, you must have good reaction skills! The HTML5 game is presented by, it can be played in browsers such as Safari and Chrome. You can play games on smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Android and Windows Phone devices). Fast reaction game inspired by the fruit of Ninja. Your task is to cut as much fruit as possible and avoid touching the bombs. Be happy! 82.54% of 69233 players, such as mobile games. This game fruit is completely free and available on all devices, both desktop and mobile. Write any comment and share the game Katana Fruits.

Game features game fruit:

  • Free and attractive fruit play for you to play cut and cut.
  • Vivid sound graphics many attractive fruits to play game fruit cutter.
  • Many challenging features for you to experience racing games for pc.
  • Save your scores and achievements game of fruit.

How to play the game:

  • Open your screen and get ready to challenge game fruit.
  • Simply move the mouse on the screen to slice up the flying fruits.
  • The more fruits you cut, the more points you get game fruit.
  • Notice your remaining times and avoid the bombs fruit cutter game.

Some screenshots in games:

 game fruit

game of fruit

fruit cutter game

A beautiful and attractive fruit slashing game for you to try your best is very new and unique and you can refer to some other interesting game fruit!

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Katana Ffruits
5 (100%) 1 vote

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